Cable and charger suggestions

My brain is tired from trying to sort this out, so I’m turning to the community for advice/suggestions. I’m looking for cables and chargers for the devices listed below, but trying to take into consideration that the cables and chargers will almost certainly outlast the devices. My current USB-A to lightning are braided nylon for durability, flexibility, and packability. Since thickness is going to be a factor with USB-C, I’m open to non-braided for some uses. I have Apple cables for data transfer, so this is really about charging.

I know that standards will change and the next best thing is always right around the corner. I’m looking for the best balance of quality, speed, price, and portability that I can get right now.

Devices: iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, USB-C Bluetooth headphones, Apple Watch 5 series (charger only), Anker PowerCore Slim PD, misc other low power devices (chargers only). At this time, I don’t need to charge a laptop or tablet with these products.


  • Car: I’d like to be able to charge both phones at a reasonable speed or one phone and a lower power device. 3ft/1m cable length. I bought the Anker 30W dual USB-A car charger, but am now wondering if I should switch to the PowerDrive Elite 2 with lightning
  • Home: Some outlets and power strips have built-in USB charging ports. I also use stand-alone chargers, usually dual port USB-A. I use 6ft cables for the phones and shorter cables for other things.
  • Office: Weight and size are an issue because everything goes in my backpack. I also have fewer outlets, so I need to balance that (e.g., a dual port USB-A) with speed (e.g., a nano charger). Cable length will vary.
  • Travel: Weight and size are even more of a factor here. I already have converters for non-US travel.