C1 Pro Dashcam date and time

I have a C1 Pro dashcam and was under the impression that the date and time would be maintained via GPS data but I’ve since heard that might not be the case, does this mean it will loose time and I will have to keep correcting it. Any thoughts please?

Hi @Ninko , the GPS function is for tracking your driving path against the footage taken. The date and time is set local to the dash cam however it should not loose time…you will need to correct for clocks going forward/back an hour though…

Hi! I also realised the same thing when I had a minor accident and had to fill in a form with police and when I tried to check the time on the video, it was way off.
In my country there was also something on the news that police didn’t even take into account the video because the date was off by 1 day even though it was obviously the video of the accident.
@ndalby I would like to make a feature request to set the time from GPS and only set the timezone in settings menu. Almost all the GPS devices do that.
Thank you!

Hi @Radu_Popescu , that is a feature request you would need to submit to Anker / Roav so they can look at possible implementation in a future firmware update or camera release…