Buying Anker Samsung S5 battery from Amazon vs Direct from Anker here?

To Anker Customer Service or Support:
RE: Samsung Galaxy S5 2800mAh Li-ion Battery

I just noticed today that the above Anker battery has changed on Amazon both the look or color of it and the price $16.99. Here on the Anker site you are still carrying the white ones at $12.99 with no NFC.

I have bought at least 5 of these S5 batteries through Amazon over the past 2 1/2 years and I have found the quality to be going really downhill the past year. And yes, I know I could have returned for an exchange or refund. Anker has always been great about that which is why I highly recommend you and continue to buy. It’s mostly been a time-hassle question for me and that a friend has been ordering them through their Prime.

So what’s the deal with the new battery on Amazon? Is it just a price increase? Or is there something functionally better? Or is it just that I can get it quicker and free shipping via Amazon Prime?

Apologies if I’m not supposed to be posting this question here but I couldn’t find any ordinary place to send this email. Plus I can’t easily find any shipping costs on this website.

Thanks in advance

The one listed on Anker’s site is an old revision using their old logo (i believe). This other one is using their currently used logo. I own the “older” one and got it at the 12 price you mentioned. I guess they have newer production with a new label since I noticed a review on the “old” one that one user’s phone heated up/melted or something and resulted from a short circuited battery. Maybe they don’t want to move their old stock to Amazon and rather sell it themselves and just push the newer ones to Amazon or something.

With Anker’s great support the 4 difference doesn’t seem like a big deal…comparing to the other replacement batteries on the market at a similar price point and with hard to deal with guarantees.

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thanks for the answer. I agree about the extra $4, cause I really love Anker’s service. In the past 4 1/2 yrs -I’ve bought at least 8 batteries for both the S3, then S5. The combo of my really bad TMO cell service where I live and Samsung making crappy battery life with all their bloatware etc, forces me to have a bunch of batteries. I had only one start swelling up a little after a year, which I got rid of right away.

I think the price difference would be related to the constant price discounts on the official page of anker