Buy VIVA or VIVA Pro; Get a 3-month FREE trial of Amazon Music Unlimited 8/8–10/30

Roav and Amazon are partnering up again.

This time, when you order a VIVA or VIVA Pro from Roav on Amazon, you are eligible for a 3-month free trial of Amazon Music Unlimited!

To sweeten up the offer, there is currently a discount available for VIVA!

VIVA: $36.99 with code ROAVVIV2

Unfortunately, there are not currently any discounts available for VIVA Pro, but it’s still a great buy if you need an FM transmitter or auxiliary output!

VIVA Pro: $72.99

Enjoy, Anker lovers!


Killer deal!

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but not better then spotify :joy:


I use premium Spotify and have been using that service since it was first offered here in the States. But if I were to buy one of these (which I do at some point) I would take advantage of the service.


I use Amazon music religiously, my only gripe is sometimes m th stations I’ll lay the same first song whenever I start it. I had to call Amazon so they can clear my music cache in n their system s ok ut wuld play other random songs


Prefer Spotify & Apple Music myself but have used Amazon Music as part of my Prime membership on occasion…good bonus for those who normall shy away from digital/online music…

Blow up of the T&C’s (which were not the clearest) , offer for new customers only…of course US restricted as well…though the devices names listed do not match…possible proof reading issue?


Roav DIVA :joy:

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Thank you for the reminder, the copy is provided by Amazon, we will contact them to update quickly!:joy:


Amazing deal!


There’s my discount! Thanks @AnkerOfficial :grin::tada:

No worries :slight_smile:

So, I pretty much only use Spotify… and while I realize the “current” lack of 3rd party app abilities, will I still be able to use Spotify on my phone and play it on my car radio via the FM transmitter on the Roav VIVA Pro?

nice deals

So I already have the Viva…can I still get the 3 months or I would have to buy one again? @AnkerOfficial?

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The 3 months free is for new customers only, so if you already have an account you wont get it

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I figured, that’s soooo lame, I JUST got my Viva a couple weeks ago

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Updated with revised text. Still really hard to read. Have to zoom in on Roav’s website because it’s a part of the image.

Thanks @AnkerOfficial

This promotion has been extended through October 30!

Amazon music is good In a pinch but I’m a Spotify guy nowadays. Any idea when spotify functionality is returning to the Roav?