Buy one get another for free!

I know in Germany are so many “Schnäppchenjäger” ( bargain hunters)


Only Power User :sunglasses:
And in the Google query, the question of the country only allows numbers … so the free article is not available at the moment. Please @ankerofficial fix this :slight_smile:


Thanks Paul, I havent got more inside the offer! :wink:
That’s right my friend ,only PU’S may take this offer.

I have two powerport 5’s coming that I won in the Valentine’s Day giveaway. Super exited. Look like nice deals…

And a review has to be written… that misses the point, buy one, get one. In my opinion…:expressionless:

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Dang that’s a nice deal

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Very nice deals indeed! Who doesn’t love to BOGOF?! :wink::wink:

BOGO is always nice

Please bring this Deal to Canada!

Very nice deals!

Thanks for posting

I sure wish they would do this for the US and have the PowerLine+ II lightning BOGO!

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The google form has been fixed. Thanks for the heads-up!

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I need a deal like this for the soundbuds flow