Buy AirPods now or wait until AirPods 2?

Thinking about getting a pair of truely wireless earbuds and AirPods are the only ones that make sense to me because of their convienice and integration with my other Apple products. Should I buy AirPods now or will AirPods 2 likely come out in the next 4 months? Obviously Apple will update the product in the future but I don’t really wanna wait until 2019…what’s everyone’s opinion? Buy now or wait?

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I think wait


What was your price range? the airpod 2 might be out soon, but it might be more expensive with features of touch control or water resistant. I think it is okay to buy now, if you are just looking for stylish earbud directly from Apple.

If you want to play around, you could buy Anker zolo or some other brand. they are cheaper, and you can wait for the next airpod 2


If I were you, I would buy the latest AirPods 2, It’s okay for me to wait a few more months.:grin:


Noo, don’t buy airpods. Buy the Zolo Libert+

Thank you for your promotion!

If you’re interested in the Qi charging for the case, I would wait as the new case should be out soon. I have the first gen and I absolutely love them!

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Do you think wireless charging capable airpods will be sold at same price. I doubt it…

Wait for Airpods 2 to get 1 if you want good deals on Airpods. If you want newer features, then wait for Airpods 2. If you want something cheaper than Airpods, then there are alternatives: look for automatic pairing between the two buds.

If I didn’t have an iPhone I’d get the Zolo Liberty+ hands down but it’s the convenience of the W1 chip and pairing with all Apple devices and charging with a lightning cord. Based off of all these comments I’ll definitely be waiting, hopefully it doesn’t take until September! Thanks for the replies everyone

Wait. There’s always something better

I have the AirPods and use them daily. Love love mine. There is talk about the AirPods 2 coming. If you can wait, I’d say wait until they the official announcement of the AirPods 2. Reason being, they might have added features that might be more beneficial for you, like being able to control the volume from the AirPods itself vs voice command thru Siri. Another reason I would wait is because then the “older” AirPods will drop in price. So either way, you can make a better decision on how much you want to spend and what features you want. And perhaps, even save some bucks along the way. :wink:

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This alone is worth waiting for, hopefully the patience pays off

There’s a silicon case you can buy now that offers wireless charging, and it protects the case itself. I think it was something like 20 bucks

At least wait for the wireless charging case to come out.

I never tried the airpods, but I have Zolo Libert +, and I put my hands on the fire that Zolo Libert + is better, try it!

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I bought a used set for $75, they work well. Cleaned them really well and no regrets

Wait til the second gen comes out, see what the price is and compare it to the reduced price of the first gen. Then you can weigh up the pros and cons for each to see if it’s worth spending the money.

But like all tech stuff if you wait for the next iteration you will always be waiting, not wanting to be left behind.

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Appreciate the article, but I got the air pods last year as a gift! The best stuff is free stuff haha
Interested to see what Apple has to offer next though