Has anyone here had there Anker lightning cable looking like this

don’t know how it happened cause i wasn’t the one using this cable when i happened today

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You defo sure it’s an Anker? As wasn’t aware of Anker making cheap plastic leads

What wall charger was it using and what was it charging

Had it got wet recently?


Show.pic of wall unit too

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Jesus Christ, that’s messed up

she wasn’t using a wall plug she was using a PowerCore II Slim 10000 to charge her phone


Here’s a picture of both sides I don’t she has gotten the cable wet and she was charging her iPhone 7 Plus

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Did you buy it from Anker directly? Or via Amazon?

If not it could be a rip of cable trying to be Anker - maybe @AnkerOfficial could check the serial number and see if it matches their records.

If you bought from Anker directly or from amazon (depending on when you bought it) it may be covered under warranty and I’m sure they will give you a replacement.

The good thing is though that it happened at a time when she was able to quickly notice it and not when she was sleeping for example.

Hope you get sorted soon

This isn’t the burnt one tho, is it?

Yes i only got burned on the part where you plug the it into the phone not the wall plug thing

ouch hopefully no other damage was done expect the cable

did you buy off of Amazon site from Anker store? I was just about to buy something there myself, from AnkerDirect-CA.

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no i didn’t buy them they were samples
Plus i found out the story why it got burnt the cable wasn’t broken or anything like just that person not paying attention to what they were doing and placed a hot pan next to my cable and it got the way it looks i was trying to get another one but what is the point if i already have a tons of them


So then it’s not a fault of the plug but rather user error, I would tell whoever “she” is that you mentioned that they have to buy you a new one. Sample or not it was her fault. A hot pan near anything plasticky will melt and ruin it

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