Burning battery pack apparently forced Virgin flight's emergency landing

Burning battery pack apparently forced Virgin flight’s emergency landing

A Virgin Atlantic flight had to make an emergency landing Thursday night after a passenger’s seat burst into flames. The fire was apparently caused by a portable battery pack. Cheaply made batteries have been linked to similar incidents in the past, which is why it’s usually advisable to stick with a recognizable name if one is investing in a backup battery, such as from Anker :+1:

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WOW I just made a trip with my PC 26800+ and no problems at all.


This is what happens when you use cheap baterypacks in addition to it getting stuck and wedged between the seats.

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Lol I don’t understand why so many people want to cheap out smh. Just buy a quality Powerbank and spend $30 :joy:

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Cheaply made powerbanks haven’t been the only lithium cells going up in flames mid flight.

Seems like something about flying makes lithium cells more unstable.

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Hope airlines do not bring some new restrictions on carrying battery backup / power banks

Wow, I’d hate to be the person sitting next to that person. That would be super scary. I hope that this doesn’t cause the airlines to ban power banks on board.

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Power Banks spontaneously combusting on flights seems to be a regular occurrence. I doubt this incident will change anything.

Will be taking a couple of my anker powerbanks on the flight next month for myself and kids

Well said. Can’t stand the cheap £1/$1 crap from the high street. Any cheap dangerous branded accessories should be banned!

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I’m going to be flying. soon. Does anyone know if planes have a limit of the mAh capacity that you can carry onto a plane? If there is one?

I just got a 15,000 Powercore and want to make sure I can take it.

Lithium-ion battery acceptance by Watt-hour (Wh):

  • Less than 100 Wh – Unlimited quantity in carry-on bag
  • 100 - 160 Wh – 2 spares in carry-on bag
  • 160 - 300 Wh – Contact the airlines in advance

Below is the the web URL from US Department of Transportation for hazardous items


Thank You!

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people don’t know any better. My parents still buy them every once in a while even though I purchased Anker power banks for them. They said they forgot and found a cheap one at the store…