Built in Bluetooth Tracker

Hi Anker, are there any plans to incorporate a Bluetooth tracker into the powercore chargers so when I let my kids use them I can actually go and find them easily??

#KidsNotAllowed :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


:laughing::laughing::laughing: I will pass your idea with our product innovation department! Maybe they have the same idea with you!:joy:

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Or how about making separate tracking tags to be placed anywhere we need them?


I’ve lost a couple of my powercores in the last few years. Luckily they fell between the seats in my car or fell to the bottom of my gym bag.

Having some sort of tracking tool would be great feature for Anker to add to their products.

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Tape a tile to them?

A certain person in our house is always looking for keys or phone.

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Maybe we should also create an App called finding my powercores…:joy:


Powercore - come to me!


Do it, do it Now… please and thank you

Great idea! Actually, I could use a “Find My _____” app for just about everything (car keys, wallet, work badge, etc)

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I have offered both my girls (6 & 8) £2 to find my New PowerCore 20000. Let’s see how this goes lol

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Great idea, I did that with my son and it turned out he had my old power bank in his book bag. Told me he couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t work, but was afraid to tell me as he thought he broke it. But when I offered him money to find my new one he pulled out the old one. Luckily he did find my new one in my car stuck between the seats.

I washed my old one so it’s dead and no reviving it, I tossed it after he gave it back

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Wouldn’t mind it, in fact could come in handy when I’m at work :smile:

Yay we found the PowerCore inside boxes under my daughters desk :grin:

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Maybe some of these might be a good investment for future losses :smile:

Definitely!! I’ll be tagging everything lol
First one will be glued under my mountain bike seat lol

Bit chunky though