Bug report: 8 in 1 hub requires selective suspend (does not respect wake-up protocols?)

When the mouse receiver is plugged into my Anker 8-in-1 hub, it will only work if I have USB Selective Suspend Enabled.
Hubs have special requirements to handle power states, and perhaps this hub is not compatible? Here’s Microsoft, with a technical article: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/microsoft-usb-blog/demystifying-usb-selective-suspend/ba-p/270736

Environment: I run Windows 10 on a stock Lenovo X1 Yoga 4G. My mouse is a Logitech G602.
Repro: Plug receiver into hub, disable selective suspend (which might require a registry or policy tweak, to become visible in control power:power options).
Observe: Mouse is disconnected. It resumes working immediately when selective suspend is enabled again.
Workarounds: Enable selective suspend (inviting different bugs, from Windows) or plug receiver directly into the laptop.
Clarifying: Yes, you’d expect any USB device to behave BETTER withOUT selective suspend, but I meant what I typed above. Go figure?

  • Dan

That’s a weird issue