BT Earphones - Magnetic function preference

Hi, I have bought two different types of Bluetooth earphones, from Anker and Mpow, that are very similar, but the magnetic function works differently to each other.

Anker -

Mpow -

The feature/function I am referring to happens when the two ear pieces (which are magnetic on both sets) are connected.

On the Anker, the magnets turn the earphones off.
On the Mpow, the magnets pause the music/whatever.

I much prefer the Anker way of things, and have the ear phones switch off. I am wondering what the community thinks is better, and why.


Didn’t know about this product, the magnets are to keep the earbuds together?

Yeah, the buds are kept together by the magnets - means it is super easy to make sure they don’t get mixed up and twisted. Really good feature