Broken Eufy Giveaway - Please Help


I don’t know how many of you have the UK Eufy security app but at the minute they are offering tokens that can be redeemed against a RANDOM raffle if you refer other people to either look at their website or buy something.

I’ve gained 9 tokens altogether and all of them have landed on the 3 code squares that gives you a discount on your next order. (They make more money off you.) Its not easy to gain these tokens.

There are 4 other squares that allow for absolutely free products you can win then 1 square that lets you win nothing. Of course the free prizes seem to be a fake prizes that you can never win.

Nothing about this raffles seems to be random as my partner and her friends have also received nothing but codes for their hard work in getting people to Eufy’s website and selling products.

Just want to know other peoples opinions on this and what prizes they are getting.

By the way this is my referral link if you can be a bro. Maybe I need a million referrals to win a door sensor.

Referral link to gain tokens

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Those free products have a really really slim chance. I would not be surprised if I were you to be honest. Eufy is a company that wants to make profit so of course you’ll land on those code squares or bottom left square much more often than free stuff

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I wouldn’t say it’s broken there are probably a certain number of each prize to give away and there are probably a bunch of the coupon codes and very few of the free products that you are hoping for. Anker and the other subbrands do this a lot where most people get the coupon codes and no free products. I wish you the best but I wouldn’t be surprised if you never got a free product

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