Broken 35C

OK, any ideas my robovac 35C is now brain dead. When it starts cleaning it will move forwards about an inch, then spin clockwise twice and then anticlockwise once then head off in whatever direction it’s pointing about a meter and then stop.

It then complains that the wheels are stuck which they aren’t.

I’ve given it a good clean down, but the problem persists.

Any ideas?

Open the battery case an do a reset of the RoboVac by removing the battery for a minute
and reconnecting after.
May be that helps.
If not, let us know.
We are here to help if we can. :smile:

But we are not the support!

Yeah done that didn’t help, but thanks for the assist.

I was busted exchanged it for a Debot.

Good luck with the Debot.
I hope Debot has a similar forum like this here.!:grinning: