Bring voice feedback to soundcore speakers

Having voice feedback for soundcore speakers will be super fun!

-Every time when we power the device it should say/announce the battery level and some sort of voice feedback actions.
-When the battery level is low it should speak up saying battery is low while lowering volume when the speaker is in use.

-Hope anker counts my suggestion and bring this useful feature in its future firmwares.

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As far they will not tell you when to go to the toilet… :rofl:
(Just kidding as usual).

I have the new life q20. It announces the battery life and such as you have described above.

Having this voice feedback functionality will be very useful, at least we don’t have to look for the battery level of the speaker on mobile app.
Hope anker software developer team looks this suggestion one day! :stuck_out_tongue:

Give me a sense of HAL-9000 in my home?

“I’m sorry Dav, I’m afraid I can’t play that list".

What is that?

Hope will not depend that much on these gadgets :stuck_out_tongue: