Bring Competitions OUTSIDE OF US!

Currently all emails I get from Anker are notifying me about competitions and deals in the USA I think that this is unfair as us EU and other customers are judt as important! I am a loyal anker customer but am always bummed to see these offers dont apply to me here in Ireland only to you Americans!
Fight for our own opportunities!

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Some of those non-USA UK deals i posted, they do exist. I don’t pay attention to Ireland offers.

Plenty outside of USA but you’re point taken a country with 1.5% the population of USA should not be excluded.

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Agree. More worldwide giveaways Anker :yum::wink:

Yeah, I’ve noticed a lot of UK only promotions lately.

Really? I.must have missed them over the USA only ones.

Only one UK ONLY thing at the mo… Get us a £300 sale and we’ll give £20 is UK only.

What others are you referring to?

But you shouldn’t count them es EU any longer. Soon they will leave the EU

He didn’t say EU, he said UK.

Either way, there are currently 2 things the UK is in… one is reward for getting a friend to buy a hoover, the other is joined with Germany for a wish item.

Seems to be mainly eufy.

Yeah, just eufy.

Having g cotton a cordless hoover from Philips for a review, I don’t need another hoover, plus it not practical in a flat that’s lived in! Plus I bet I’d be the one to step on it and break m frigging neck … Hahahaha