Bring back the felt case for cables and power banks?

We all know the great feeling of opening a new anker product and the amazing unboxing that comes with it. However, I personally miss the nice cable case that came with my powerline+. If I buy the newest cables it doesn’t come with it and I feel as if it is missing as part of the experience. It also came with a couple of the power banks and gave them a really premium look.

Let me know what you guys think. Am I the only one that misses it?
Please share other thoughts or comments on this.

I miss them as well. That case works better protecting and storing the cables than the Velcro wire ties.

I never had the chance to get a lower bank with the case but it nicer looking and last longer than the pouch that came with one of my powercores.

I’d love to see these return.

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I do not really need them, because their durability is so good. I mean the feeling/ plonking would be nice but is not necessary

Nope. Rather have a $ off instead. If you like them them Anker should make it an item to purchase.

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I remember getting one of those felt case when I got my Powerline+ USB-C cable. Although, I think they are nice… I actually use something similar that has slots for up to 6 cables. I like to keep all my cables together and laid out. Perhaps Anker can make one of these? I have one for each car, backpack, and another in my apartment. This way, I have cables for all my devices. All in one spot and don’t have to fumble looking for the right cable.

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The case that I got with my Powerline+ Lightning cables, I don’t use and is still in the box that the cables came in.

The case takes up too much space for me personally and is just something additional to have to carry.

My cables all get coiled flat in a 5-6 inch circular loop, with one end wrapped around the main large loop itself. They lie flat, hardly take up any space at all and the ends are in no way strained or bent at an odd angle. This method is used by guitar string manufacturers to take up as little packaging space as possible. Works just as well for cables of all types.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of the winding process, it can be done in a few seconds.

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My PowerLine+ II came with a carrying case. Maybe they only include it for the newer ones? IDK. But it is a nice addition, for sure.