Brand new SoundCore Spirit Pro do not turn on

I have just bought a pair of Soundcore Spirit Pro from Amazon. I’m very satisfied with the look and feel of the product, But I feel like I may have gotten a faulty unit. When I plug the cable in to charge it, the light stays red and doesn’t turn blue (I have charged it for most of yesterday and today, and that’s well over the guaranteed charge time). If I unplug it and press the central button to turn them on, they give no signs of life whatsoever, no matter how long I keep it pressed for. As per manual, they should flash blue, but nothing happens. I’ve tried resetting them (both by holding central + volume up and by holding volume up + volume down), but it doesn’t seem to make the problem go away, although the led does blink red when I do this. I am wondering whether I should try to get a refund from Amazon/get it substituted, or whether it’s a known problem and there’s an easy fix. I’ve tried contacting support, but I don’t expect an answer anytime soon (mostly because of difference in time-zone), and I’d like to have an answer so I can get it replaced soon, to hopefully have a working pair of headphones in the first half of next week (My old ones broke, these were supposed to be the replacement, but as of now because of this problem I don’t have any working pair)

If this is a brand new item and it’s faulty you will get a replacement of course.
Please consider we have weekend, so you might get an answer on Monday.
You should have added the manufacturer’s number and the number of your order you got at amazon as well with your claim.

Dont worry the help you! :wink:


Sounds to be a probably dud unit but try a different USB cable and a different charger.

I tried using a different charger, as well as a different USB cable, and it didn’t seem to improve the situation.

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Ok you’ll need your proof of payment, Amazon order screenshot and the serial number from the supplied USB cable / packaging and wait til Monday after email

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Mod edit to update email ND :wink:

It is indeed a brand new one. I’ll be sure to add the data you mentioned to the support mail once I get a response.

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Let us know if you have been successful.

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I think you meant to say when not if :wink::joy:

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What kind of charger did you use? Like what is the power output of it? I ask because we recently had another member experience something similar and it was due to the low power output of the charger. What this needs is a charger that can output at least 5V 2A

Recently I was contacting the support for a quite stupid question.
But they answered me in such a quick and friendly manner, I had to respond and tell them how sufficient and good they make their work.

This must be done.

Mostly those “supports” are without any “efforts” :laughing:

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I have the feeling that the new headphones are not as good as the old ones. I bought normal Spirit headphones and I have a metallic Sound. I will have to write to the support but it’s so much effort you have to put into it :slight_smile:

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Agreed, Spirit just seem worse. I am relegating my Spirit X to backup/spare, the Slim+ still best. They let me keep my first Spirit X when I did a warranty replacement, the successors are developing the same problem. More tempermental BT and muffled sound and they fall out the ears more easily.

To complain, have a 2nd warranty claim, for $26 item… nah, they can be backup.

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