Brand new soundcore motion + back radiator rattles like hell

when a frequency between 63 and 70 is playing the rattling occurs should i return the speaker

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Hey @ilovecats
Is that at extreme or all volume levels?
If it high volume at those hz i would say its one of those things.
If volume is low I’d say you have something loose or broken inside.
In that case i would see your retailer for an xchange.

Keep us updated with your progress :+1:t2:


Shake , rattle an roll! :rofl:
(Just kidding)

Your are right Paul, when playing at extreme high volume all speakers will rattle.
I never tried, though my old ears are weak.

Enjoy Sunday my friend!


I certainly will. And the same to you my friend.


Its at 60% volume or more but i still dont think it should rattle. Btw when it starts to rattle the whole body of the speaker starts shaking a lot and when i look to see whats happening with the back passive radiator its not moving linearly if you understand me but its just wobbling

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Seems to be defective.
You should contact the support for further help!
As its new, its under warranty and will be replaced surely.

Here is a video of it happening without any eq or bass up:


Definitely defective!
And send them this video link.

One more question: Shouldn’t I contact amazon because thats where i bought it from?

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I would contact the soundcore support first.
If there are any probs (BUT there will be no :smiley:) you may contact amazon.

For US, Within 30 days of purchase – you may contact Amazon or Soundcore, sometimes Amazon may be easier with replacement option.

After 30 days, Soundcore is the only option, send the defective and get replacement unit (pending decision by Soundcore)

Do whichever suits the conditions :+1:

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It is often physically easier to raise with Soundcore as they may, but not necessarily, simply offer a free replacement.

If you use Amazon your only path is to arrange return (pickup, dropoff).

If I have a defective unit I’d first raise with the seller, if it’s simply a bad product I just return under Amazon.

Definitely defective.
How old is it @ilovecats and which country are you in?
If its still within the returns window i would order another (next day) and arrange a return and refund of the faulty item with Amazon.
I find thats the quickest way to a resolution.

If its under warranty but out of the returns window i guess it doesn’t make much difference which route you take.
Amazon will want the speaker back before issuing a refund or exchange. My experience with this is the turn around is pretty quick.
Soundcore is likely to ask for the speaker to review before committing to an exchange. I have no experience with Soundcores customer service to indicate how quick the turn around would be.

Keep us updated how you proceed.

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Not necessarily true in all cases but I’ve had a new item with a fault and Anker sent a free replacement and said to keep original, the fault was borderline too bad to use but not so bad you couldn’t use as a spare if retained.

You are correct often faster to return and reorder than converse with Anker but that is more total effort usually as it’s a return and a delivery. For me now a return is a Herpes drop-off and I usually use Amazon locker for pickup so it’s two trips.

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As the speaker is not really useable with the fault and is less then the return window for Amazon, I would go this route first for return / replacement…often if you live chat Amazon support you can get the new speaker sent and a return window for the defective item…if outside of the return window send an email to with the issue and a link for the video you made, they will sort out the issue with a replacement (most likely asking you to dispose or keep the defective item unless they think they can learn something from the fault)…

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Amazon Support has expedite shipping, next day for replacement orders … this is in my experience, ymmv. You can just return the item to nearest UPS or Kohls (whichever you choose for the return) , without any packaging, they accept it

Soundcore Support is always there to compliment, after the initial 30 days :slight_smile: (or anytime )

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Its 3 days old and im from bulgaria.

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Usually when the battery’s are low it gives of distorted sound so you should try leaving it on a charger for a few hours

Where have you bought it from?

I bought it from Amazon