Brand new Soundcore Liberty Air not working at all

Hey there.

So today morning I received the Anker Soundcore liberty air I ordered. I charged them completely and went to try them out. And then nothing. I pull them out of the case and they don’t even show up in the Bluetooth settings in my phone (OnePlus 7 pro). The right earbud doesn’t even turn on, but the left does. all the reset methods I’ve tried on the manual don’t work either. I’ve actually went to the retailer where I bought them and replaced them and got the same issue. They just don’t work at all.

If you have any ideas let me know


Hi @Rafael_Cunha, sorry to hear your Liberty Air is not working properly. I recommend contacting for help.

When you got them, did you first make sure to remove the cover over the charging contacts? This would prevent them from charging and not working.

Yes of course. They are fully charged for sure. When i pull them out the left one starts blinking white softly without stopping. but it doesnt pair to the right one (always off) or to the phone.

Just checking because others have easily missed the cover over it.

Try taping and holding down the left control until the left earbud turns off. Put it inside the case, repeat on the right side except hold down the controls for 10 to 15 seconds then place it back inside the case.
Remove the right earbud, if it doesnt turn on automatically then tap and press the control for 5 seconds. Remove the left earbud and place it next to the right and wait for them to pair…usually 30 seconds or less. Open your phone and scan bluetooth and see if you can pair them.

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The right one simply doesnt display anything. The LED indicator is always off. The left one turns off after 15 seconds, the right doesnt do anything at all. Doesn’t turn on, turn off, pair, nothing.

I understand you said they do not turn on, what I’m saying is still tey the reset process…or just return them to where you got it from and either exchange for a new one or send support a message as @Insider mentioned above

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Yes, thanks for trying to help. I’ve already sent the email. Just wondering if someone got the same problem or has a solution.