Brand new Nebula 2


Just had a brand new Nebula 2 delivered for my birthday and it doesn’t work.

I followed the quick start instructions, powered on. The power light turns blue and that’s it. No picture, nothing.

Tried to contact support yet they are only open for half a day??

Any help would be appreciated.


First impressions is you have a dud unit.

It could have got confused in transit so a reset.

I assume when you meant Nebula 2 you meant the Mars II?

The search button found me this:

Hi and thanks for the response!

Not sure what a mars two is. I only know the device as a capsule two. It doesn’t have a manual sliding shutter, just looks like a large can of coke.

I’ve emailed support and am awaiting a response but from what I feel, I agree it could be a dud.

Plug the charger in, the power button is green. Unplug it, the power button turns blue. No projected screen, nothing.

I think you mentioned of the Nebula Capsule II (or 2)

Since you have already written to support, it is the right approach, you should hear back on details.

If you meant the Nebula Capsule II, then reset:

Still feels like a dud unit. Support is right way to go. I think it is usually Sharon who replies. Great Anker support.

You can try to do a factory reset. May this video would help. It’s for a Capsule Max, but these is quite similar to a Capsule II.
Maybe the reset works identical:

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Thank you @Otmar_Spottel for sharing this video!! This is what makes this Anker community awesome :+1: