Bough new usb-c cable anker but

Hello everyone I’m new member and I am happy to join here
OK 2 days ago I bought ANKER usb-c cable but when I take it off from the box the cable sames to not authentic because it different from the picture on box and the website (mine doesn’t have hole)
What you think about it is it real or fake ?

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All I see is 2 of the same picture? Did you mean to post different pictures?
Also, where did you order these cables from?

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I made correction
Check the picture now
Sorry for mistake
BTW I am from UAE Abu Dhabi and I bought from website online name ""

Looks like a fake to me. I doubt an authentic Anker cable would be missing the dimple. Have you tried emailing Anker customer service with the serial #? Unfortunately unless you purchased from an authorized dealer the cable will not be covered by the warranty.

Hi jesse thanks for reply
Actually I don’t know if the seller is authorized or not
I try to contact anker support 2 days ago but no respond ??
But the website I bought from offer return 7 days
Should I return it ?

anker is on holiday for chinese new year

also i just checked my anker usb-c to 3.0 and it has dimple and inside plastic on both ends is anker blue

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You can always verify it’s authenticity if you have the scratch off verification tag. But I’m not sure if your area has it or not


No problem friend. Like @bill_rae mentioned above Anker staff is out of the office until tomorrow, but I’m assuming they will have a lot of emails to catch up on after a week vacation so I would not expect a reply right away. You can also verify the serial yourself online but even if it is authentic it is missing the dimple and I would request a replacement.

A short time ago, Anker has issued a statement about falsification of their products, I think you should consult with the Anker team, they will have the answers you need…

I think you have a fake and got burned. Why did you buy it from some random shady website anyways?

Thank you everyone for reply
And about who ask me why bought from this website because it is delivered in 2 days and free shipping + i need cable because my cable was lost or stolen ( I forgot on airport theN come back never find it)

Were you able to follow the link I posted above and verify it’s authenticity? Or did you just opt to return it? isn’t some random shady website, it’s actually the largest ecommerce site in the middle east with Amazon being it’s parent company, so no its not some shady website

If you look along the cable anker typically imprints a serial id on the cord part of the cable right next to the connector. If you have ever done a warranty claim they usually ask for one. Without it at all I highly suspect you have a fake, but also with one you can have anker verify it in most cases.

Hi, please know that you can contact Anker customer service at and let the CSR verify if it is an authentic cable.

You just need to provide the same pictures in the post and the S/N of this USB-C cable (printed next to the USB connector on the cable itself). We can use that information to conduct the verification.

Oh no, looks like it is not authentic. Did you contact support? Hope everything works out for you. Next time order straight from Anker.

Or from the AnkerDirect store on Amazon. Anker products are also available at Walmart.