Bose soundlink mini vs Soundcore flare

Here I compared two products, the Bose soundlink mini and the soundcore flare. Let me know what you think and how I can improve my blog posts! Thanks for reading!

Learn more about Soundcore Flare

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Years ago I bought a JBL Flip first gen(that i still use). It was really good, @dicejedi got a Bose SoundLink Bluetooth. My speaker was less then 99 us dlls, the Bose 250 us dlls. During lunch we when ahead and test them. They where equally loud (we use an app base decibel meter). The Bose did offer better base sound but the Flip had equality crisp sound. For the price I think i did the best choice.

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I assume you don’t have the flare? You should get it, it’s definitly worth the money.

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Yes, I will be getting one soon. The price is amazing.

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Yeah @tugar32 you should look into upgrading to a SoundCore Flare. I missed out on the deal for two flares… kinda pissed at myself but I’m hoping the discount will be back.

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Definitely in my list bro.

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What is your issue with BT connection of the Bose?

Every time I want to use it, I have to “delete” the Bose from my phone, and completly repair it.

It’s not BOSE’s fault.
You should take a better and deeper view in your bt- protocols.

I have friends who frequently use the speaker, they have the same issue. I’ve never had this issue with any other BT device.

My bose works perfectly.
Try an update of the firmware

Which speaker do you have?

The mini.
I got this working under LINUX which is quite tricky.
But last not least I made it.

This is a good review / article comparing Anker with other brand, Bose. Something on the BT pairing with the Soundlink mini is very unfortunate, I use it most of the time in my study, and this BT has worked 100% each time. Unless you are using iPhone with a Developer iOS, have not seen any other issues for pairing Bose devices. Cannot say much about Soundcore Flare, as I am yet to own it.

Which phone did you use, and had the issue? Also, have you tried pairing with other phones / tabs / PC and seen this occur? This may help understand what may be happening

Thanks! used iPhone, and my freind used an android phone.

Oops, did you try reaching to Bose support, never had a need to reach them.

You will see an upgraded flare this year.:grin:


Flare+G?? :pray::pray:

Alexa is cool and all but Google assistant is the bees knees :slight_smile::sunglasses:


The flare S+ ?

Ohhhh!!! Yessss! This must be done! Where is the Pre-order page so I can get this locked down!

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