BoostIQ RoboVac 15C Wi-Fi - First Month Update

Hey there tech lovers!

Here I am again sharing my thoughts about my products, gadgets and smart devices, this time the RoboVac 15C Wi-Fi version, starting with this glamorous slo-mo shot of the beauty:

I currently own the “BoostIQ RoboVac 11S” and “BoostIQ RoboVac 30”, and I will be working on a post comparison between all the different aspects between them, however I wanted to focus this post on my first impressions using the RoboVac 15C for a couple weeks.

Overall the vacuum is amazing comparing price/quality/functionality, I didn’t think that having the Wi-Fi feature, which interacts with Alexa as well, would be something I would need so I didn’t want to pay extra for the feature, however the holidays discounts made me change my mind and give it a try and now it’s one of my favorite smart devices used in a daily basis, the fact you can just ask Alexa to clean and send it back to charging base or control over the app or the physical remote control is very convenient and useful.

The EufyHome app is as simple as it needs to be as so is the remote control.

The size and power are perfect for a one bedroom apartment, handles rugs and carpets easily, as well as corners and under furniture.

I’m super happy with the upgrade, will keep updating if any suggestions or questions come up.
Big Thumbs up Eufy for the amazing product, my dog was the main reason I decided to go with the RoboVac 15C and she also approves it. :yum:

Will leave the Amazon review link here as soon as I finish it.

Thank you for reading and happy new year everybody!!!


Beside of the app & smart home functions,
could you tell us other differences between 11S and 15C please.
I would be very interested to know about.

11S is working hard every day in our house since about 3/4 year.
No problems, no issues.
Really great EUFY! Fantastic product.

Seeing lost like this really makes me want in, but I can’t afford it. Great review none the less and awesome pictures/videos

You would like it.
Though there is not much dirt here in the house.
(No pets),
it is incredible where the Robot (Willi) always finds something to “store”.

The big question is an app controlled one or not.
As I am not a friend of apps :wink: I run the “stupid” version 11S.
May be as I am a kind of “chaot” myself I prefer the “chaos-system”. :joy:

Well done with the review. Love the gifs. :slight_smile:

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wow thats soo cool didnt even know the vacuum could do that!! absolutely brilliant tech

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A friend of mine works in an emergency call center. And next door, there is an office where they use the Robo Vac.

One day, the neighbours left the door of their office open - and the Robo escaped. My friend detected him and pushed him into his own office, so he had cleaned the whole call center. Then he brouht him back …

LOL. That’s hilarious. Especially if it didn’t have a collar or tag on it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m working on the comparison post, will update soon. :wink:

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No need to hurry.
It’s good you got two types of the RoboVac so you are able to compare these.

Comparison ? Between two Robos ? How do you do it ? First one cleans, then you spill the collected dust and let the second one clean ?
Or you start a race …
I am curious ! Let us take part in your comparison. Maybe with a movie of the race.

PS: do you accept bets ?

There are different versions of Eufy Smart Vacuums, also different prices, different features and variations of power, that means they are not all the same which means I can compare the different aspects of each version :slight_smile:

Let me briefly detail my opinion about my 3 Eufy Smart Vacuums:

  • BoostIQ RoboVac 11S - Affordable option for a regular/small apartment, powerful enough to handle carpets and regular dust/dirt.

  • BoostIQ RoboVac 15C, Wi-Fi - Exactly same performance as 11S however, like I mentioned above, have the wi-fi feature that allows to be controlled by Alexa, EufyHome app, if you have a smart home it’s very convenient to add another smart device to the convenience that smart homes provide.

  • BoostIQ RoboVac 30 - Super Strong and powerful enough to clean a 2 bedroom apartment with no struggle, it doesn’t get stuck in any obstacles as much as the other vacuums.

Just some little aspects that make a difference for each customer and what they’re looking for.

Pedro Kwiecinski

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There was/is a 15 (NO C) available in Germany (Amazon/de)
(No app, no WIFI)
Identical in construction to 11S BUT better suction than the 11S.
Interesting: It was/is cheaper than the 11S.

Do you mean the 11S or 15C or products from other manufacturers?

The RoboVac 11S, I got it on Amazon US. Also good to point that the 11S is way smaller and lighter with same power and same dust collector capacity as the 15C, and RoboVac 30 comes and works with the Boundary Strips.

I know these facts.

If you talk about the magnetic tapes to prevent the robot from dangerous areas, I understand. :wink: