Book vs eBook

Do you guys prefer to read the physical copy of a book, or do you prefer the eBook version on your computer, Kindle, and iPad?

I love reading books on my computer, but I try to avoid reading on the Kindle and iPad because they strain my eyes too much.

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I prefer to read the book

love me some kindle

Neither. >.<
Coffee… I prefer coffee. Haha

Just finished my degree. eBooks are the worst for textbooks, and they expire sometimes if it’s one of those access code type. I prefer physical book for school and eBooks for quick reference type stuff

I prefer reading on my old school Kindle (black and white e-ink) rather than a tablet. And it’s easier to hold than some books!

I still find that physical books are the best experience … but for a simple life I find myself using a kindle paperwhite with the light on minimum except when reading in the dark… you can have loads of books to hand without it getting heavier and it’s as near as a paper book without the bulk of having books and needing bookshelves etc. works well for novels or books that are supposed to be read from front to back, not so handy for reference when a pdf on a pc is better or for technical stuff where you need to reference stuff on one page in another part of the book… luckily enough my study days are over and I read mainly novels for pleasure.

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I much prefer a physical book. I love all sorts to tech, but e-books just don’t do it for me.

If I had to read a book from a screen, the e-ink displays are fine. But I just don’t get the same cozy feeling when curled up on the couch with a mug of tea/coffee/hot chocolate and a physical book than if it was an e-reader.

Kindle, Nook, Textra

I do both, but I just love a physical book. The smell of the paper, the tactile experience, etc all make it a more relaxing experience too me.

I’m always going to be a lover of physical books, however I’ll definitely read a book on the Kindle when I’m out and about.

If given the choice I normally prefer a physical book (old school) but with the amount of books I go through and limited space I’ve had to resort to Kindle books on the iPad (which is better now with the night time mode)

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I prefer a real book, although I have been pleasantly surprised how much I like audible.

I prefer a real book, since I’m on my computer most of the day. It’s nice to get away from the screen. I’ve always wanted to try an e-ink display, but never gotten the chance. Does anyone else have experience with e-ink? Does it cause eye strain?

Nope, unless you’re reading it in low light. But I find e-ink to be much easier on the eyes than a backlit tablet.

Dang. I’m tempted to buy a Kindle… Until I remember (1) I never read books and (2) I don’t have any kindle books lol

Physical. Nothing beats new book smell

I prefer the physical copy of a book so I can actually feel what I am reading. It’s weird, but I feel more into the book but less distracted.

eInk is great, doesn’t cause eye strain and reads like a regular book. The kindle paperwhite with back light is a great compromise because when it’s normal light conditions you can set it to minimum backlight and reads like a book and in the dark you can increase the light a bit as you need it… in complete darkness, once your eyes have adjusted to the dark, setting it on just above minimum is good enough to read, much better than using a book with light shining on it, I love my kindle paperwhite although the battery doesn’t as big as the original kindle keyboard, the back light feature makes it much better overall

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I love physical books & used to go to my local library all the time, but I read so much that it started to become a pain lugging around a bunch of library books from there & back. And also worrying about dropping them off in time before they charged late fees. So I switched to reading ebooks & its just so much easier to read on my smartphone.

And epsecially since on Amazon Kindle there’s different settings to change the background colors/types so it won’t hurt my eyes from the strain of being stuck reading with a white background.