Bonus Review: Anker Bolder LC40 As a Golf Cart Headlight

Hi All,

I just returned from a trip to an island where all transport was either by bike or golf cart (yes, it was as awesome as it sounds). Anyway, I was in a rental house that came with two golf carts. The problem was, one of the golf carts did not have functioning headlights. :unamused:

Well I had to use it anyway one night for a beach trip. So I strapped two off-brand headlamps to the front of the cart (I only have these because @AnkerOfficial has not yet taken me up on my suggestion to make me a decent headlamp :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) Here is what it looked like with the headlamps attached to the top front of the cart:

But the output wasn’t that great:

The bolder LC40 was much better for this purpose:

Also, the bolder did a great job seeing down the road when backing out into the street:

The difference driving down the road was noticeable:

With headlamps:

With bolder LC40:

At the beach, the Bolder was awesome (when we weren’t looking at the stars):

Especially finding our way back to the beach access:

I did find a good use for the headlamps, though, in their red mode:

Safety first!

With that, we were on our way home!

Altogether, I can’t really say how glad I was that I carry this product with me everywhere. Get yours here:

Thanks for reading!


Interesting concept. I much prefer 10000 lumen floodlights in the front of my golf carts, but I guess that works :joy:

Nice. Now you have to wire them up so you can push a single toggle to turn them on and off. :slight_smile:

Hey, not my golf cart not my problem - i was at a rental house. I was just lucky i remembered the flashlight on my trip.

That’s our @gAnkster always thinking on his feet :laughing: Good job!

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That’s a nice practical review. Great pictures definitely @gAnkster style. I just don’t want to know what you were doing in the middle of the night in the beach :smirk: Have you seen JAWS :shark:


Hey, we wanted to see the stars! :star_struck:

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Nice practical use of the flash lights @gAnkster :+1:

I’ve tried a couple times to win, but no luck yet!

They look good lights, I don’t use torches on a regular basis, but the odd time I do, I want a decent one.

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Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.
Great job @gAnkster


I’ve had similar thoughts about figuring out a way to mount a couple or 3 to my tractor so I can do work at night. In the winter months it gets dark to fast to get any work done on the property after work.


Many moons ago, I used a torch on my push bike as the bike lights at the time were shit.

I’d use the bike light on the forks for partial light in front of the wheel, but a torch on the hamdbar to light ahead. The read light was just as bad, but as you don’t “reverse” anoush bike, I didn’t care! lol

Back then the best torches were maglite torches… Rubbish by today’s standard if led bulbs, and well don’t even go there comparing with a COB torch!


If you own your tractor I’m sure there is more efficient ways to do it permanently. But if you are looking for a fast solution or temporary this will definitely could work, maybe even 3d print something to mounted.

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There are more efficient ways but they do cost a lot more money then two or there Anker lights and some clamps/mounts I have in the barn not being used.

The tractor doesn’t have mounting points and I would have to wire up a light bar. Creating mounting points and wiring up the light bars (front and back) would take time. I plan on doing this at some point but for a temporary solution a couple of the Anker Torches along with a couple of magnetic mounts and clamps will hold them in place.

Plus it gives me excuse to buy a couple of torches from Anker :wink:

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There is always a way with Anker😂 That’s a great idea you had I think.

Why not bicycle lights, they come with mounts?

Ja, I got some of those, easy to mount and dismount with the added rubber straps.