Bolder LC90 2-Cell

The new flashlight is 2" longer and now provides up to 30 hours of illumination. Fully recharge via micro USB in 12 hours. Logo is also different but everything else appears relatively unchanged.

The price is $36 and it’s already in stock.

Amazon Link:


Do you know what type of cree Led is used?

Cree XM-L2, 900 Lumens

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Nice, it uses the newer version of the Led in my current flashlight. Gonna have to get one eventually

Do you know if that’s the same one as the original LC90?

According to the Canadian Amazon sell sheet, yes it is the same.
Here is the line,

“High-Grade Components
The high-performance Cree LED XM-L2 chip delivers 50000 hours of intense brightness. The 900 Lumen LED is powered by Anker’s advanced battery technology that prevents over and undercharging, preserving the battery’s lifespan.”

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Thanks for bringing to our attention.

Odd they went with 2 18650 so 2x3400 = 6800 rather than 1 26650 5000mah, so wider diameter instead of longer.

Also, you’d predict a sibling of the LC130 which is 2 26650.

As the days shorten I am using my LC90 more often now. I love the LC40 pocketability and the LC90 zoom. I really doubt I would personally ever buy the double-length LC90, because the LC130 I have is, in part, a room illuminator via putting on its flat end pointing to the ceiling, a longer torch will be harder to balance on its end.

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Wish they would come out with something like the nitecore tip. I use the crap out of mine

Thank you Josh! You always bring new information about our products!


Any more new flashlights soon?

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So 24 more hours for the updated version. Wonder if Lord Vader would approve of such a light saber

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Being able to charge the flashlight using a USB cable is a great feature. My Anker flashlight still uses AAA Batteries :frowning:

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Amazon says it’s already in stock and can be delivered on the 12th.

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Yeah the dates change sometimes. I’ll update my post now.

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I see the LC90 on the power draw. I wonder if it is the updated version

I do not believe so.

Hopefully it will go on sale along with the updated LC40

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I think $36 is a fair price.

It is but then again I got mine when it was on sale.

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