BodySense Smart Scale :: Your Thoughts?

So, ever since I’ve seen it on the power draw page, its been a product I’ve had my eye on. I was wondering if there was anyone in the community that has had experience with the product? If so could you give some detail on your experience.

Even if I don’t win the power draw, I would have a use for it and debating on just forking up for cash to buy it.

Appreciate your feed back!

It’s only been on the powerdraw page since this morning?.?.??.

@ikari04warrior has one of the eufy smartscales… I’m sure he can tell you about it!

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Search would be totally best friend

Yea that’s right I got mine. I’ve been testing and didn’t want to write a review without using it for a couple of weeks first. I will be writing a review soon :+1:

I have one as well and love it truly think it is great was planning on writing a review as well but definitely worth it. Just bought a second one today for my dad because he was jealous of mine when I let him test it out

Have a search on the forum. There are lots of reviews and pics. It’s a great device. We love ours (but it’s not been kind to me lately) :hamburger:

Here’s a great review from @ndalby:

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I have one that a friend gave me, unfortunately it’s not Anker. But I can tell you that, as an active person that likes to go to the gym, exercise, etc I use it every morning and I love to see my progression. It’s really great how it can give you more body % like fat, water… I’d say it’s a good investment if you want to track your progress with some goals.

This has appeared in many powerdraws in the past.
Looks like a great product. For me a simple device with weight display is enough.

I got one that my buddy @dicejedi gave to me as a gift. Probably he was trying to tell me that I really let go :joy::joy: , still In the box. I want to review it but I don’t want step on it. Is there any support groups in the Anker community to keep up with losing weight related to the bodysense :joy: I’m going to create one :point_up:t2:

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Not worth a new thread but a minor revision is coming

It’s moving from T9140 to T9140S, typically this is a BT version update, typically you’ll see UPGRADED in Amazon and the new and old sold in parallel and up to you to know which you’re buying.

I see BT move from 4.0 to 5.0

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