Bluue tooth Connections Challenges

When trying to connect PowerConf to my Desk Phone it asks for a Bluetooth Passcode Is there a default code or am i busted

I do not have one but I know a lot of default codes use 1234 or 0000. I can not say if you are busted or not but I thought that when it came out that it used more of your pc or mobile phone.

@Shenoy has one and my be able to give more insight on it. Can you at least tell what your desk phone is to get a sense of what you may be trying to connect it too.

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@Duane_Lester I have paired PowerConf with Cisco IP Phone (Cisco 8851 - USB-C & Bluetooth) as well as Polycom Conference phone, both pair pretty flawlessly. No code is asked.

Also paired with iPhones and Androids, no codes asked.

@w.Quincy_Bevans if you provide me the detail about the make and model of desk phone, we can Make some suggestions and recommendations.

Also drop an email to Anker Support to get official response.


Thanks @Shenoy