Bluetooth to two separate Anker speakers? Is it possible?

I have 2 Anker Speakers Model A7908 and A3105. I can connect to each of these separately through the blue tooth on my smartphone and play music. Is it possible using a Bluetooth connection to connect to both speakers at the same time and output music?

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Hi @slynch1906 , the essence of bluetooth is a 1 on 1 pair between your music source and the output speaker, hence ‘pairing’. To accomplish both speakers on a smartphone (or anything outside of a iMac and/or possibly a windows PC) you would need something like a Dual Bluetooth Audio Transmitter but I couldn’t say if the speakers would support the transmitter.

Unfortunately, no, Anker does not support this yet. However, competitors, such as JBL and Beats do support this…

No, but you do have the option of connecting 2 speakers via the 3.5 mm plug if provided on your favorite model. see my video for how to do this at the 1:30 mark here


I forgot to mention that with BT 5.0, this will be made possible.

You can do this if your phone supports Bluetooth 5.0. It’s a new standard, so not many phones support it quite yet. If you don’t have BT 5.0 then you cannot stream to two Anker speakers yet. Hope this helps!

Doesn’t the other end also have to be BT 5.0?

I just watched a video of a guy pairing two Bluetooth speakers to his Samsung S8 and it worked. I assume only the phone was 5.0. The range is also increased
watch it here

As BT is backwards compatible only the source device transmitting would need the BT 5 capabilities to be able to stream to multiple devices, your end device is just receiving and not having to differentiate if the signal is coming/going between x number of devices.

This is completely possible and is not limited to just two speakers. As long as you have the following at least two Bluetooth devices IE tablets or phones. You will also need an application called Ampme. And of course at least two Bluetooth speakers.

For this though, you would need two separate devices running the app, with each device running a speaker…

Unless I am missing something?

That is correct

I wonder if the upcoming Zolo Mojo/Halo will focus on home audio and provide grouping solutions like Sonos.

That would be really cool.

I prefer wifi music, not bluetooth. c’mon Anker – move to wifi!

It’s possible, although I think this sort of function will probably drop with a version 2 (or perhaps a future firmware upgrade if it comes loaded with BT 5.0)

Does anyone know if it is possible to use both the Capsule’s speaker at the same time as a bluetooth speaker? I see with that AmpMe app it can use two separate bluetooth speakers, but what about using the native speaker all at the same time? Anyone know?