Bluetooth not reconnecting once keyboard sleeps

I have the Bluetooth ultra slim keyboard and it connects fine to my ipad if it’s turned on fresh. However, once the keyboard goes to sleep it doesn’t reconnect to the ipad’s bluetooth. I have to pull up the setting menu and then turn off bluetooth and then turn it back on…or I have to turn off the keyboard and then turn it back on. I’ve tried holding the keys down to restart the connection but that doesn’t work.

Is my device defective?

Hi @hibrianwah , have you tried forgetting the keyboard in bluetooth and then pair the device again?

Hi @ndalby yes I have unpaired and then re-paired the device and it will only reconnect after I power off and then power on the keyboard. When I hold down any key it will not register or relink the connection.

Hi @hibrianwah , if you have tried the basic steps of removing and pairing again it sounds like something is not entirely right. I would suggest you reach out to with your serial no, purchase date and troubleshooting steps taken so they can offer additional assistance or to make arrangements for a replacement if they believe the device to be faulty.