Bluetooth mouse cursor stutters

Hi, I just got my ergonomic bluetooth mouse, and noticed that the cursor stutters. I know that since this is not a wired connection, the cursor movement cannot be perfectly smooth, but still the cursor stutters too much to a point that is not suitable for my uses. I wonder if i got a faulty mouse or if this could be resolved with some kind of a firmware update?

If anyone has any ideas, please help me out here. If I can’t find a solution in a couple of days, I plan to refund this in exchange for a wired version of the mouse.

Thank you!

If you use WIN10 you could try to do this:
Remove the WIN10-bt-driver, download the original driver of your bt-card manufacturer and install this one.

try updating bluetooth drivers via windows

He should NOT use the drivers offered by WIN, those are not working properly. We were talking about this issue many times.

Sometimes you can also get bluetooth drivers through the actual motherboard manufacturer, those tend to work best.

This is what I said!

Lol, calm down buddy​:joy::joy::joy::wink:

I’ve experienced stuttered movement with about every wireless mouse I’ve used. It’s mainly because wireless mice use the same frequency as WiFi. :disappointed:

The best solution I’ve found it to use a USB 2.0 extension cord (like this), plug the receiver into it, then tape it under the desk in the general location that your mouse will be used. This resolved virtually all of the stuttering issues for me! :grin:

Please note that USB 3.0 ports can also add to the interference, which is why I recommend a USB 2.0 extension cord.


Talking about interferences:
DAB+ and WIFI are not friends either.:grin:

You said bluetooth card drivers. I mean the usb interface drivers, assuming he has a usb-bluetooth adapter.