Bluetooth keyboard not connecting (Android)

Good morning! I got my Anker Ultra Compact Bluetooth Keyboard out of the box this morning to test prior to a 3-week vacation overseas. It needed to be charged up, but after that I am unable to get it to connect to either of my Android devices. I power it on and the green power and blue bluetooth lights come on, the green light goes out, and the blue light remains on for a few seconds, but solid blue not pulsing. I have tried pairing it with my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 and my Samsung Galaxy S7, both of which do pair to other bluetooth devices, but have had no luck. Any suggestions before we leave in about 36 hours? Thanks!

Email immediately.

I have just this minute gotten it to work. Since I hadn’t used it previously, it was still apparently on the factory iOS default; once I found a magnifying glass so I could read the teensy print in the quickstart manual and fiddled around with changing the OS to Android, lo and behold there is a keyboard! Thanks for the reply, and all is well now. Vacation, here I come!


glad you got it working!

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Thanks everyone’s help! @dereese Enjoying your vacation!:heart_eyes:

Good tip, the instructions should be in larger print.