Bluetooth headphones connects to A3341 but no sound

I connected my Anker Soundsync A3341 with digital optical output on my Samsung 7 series. My headphones say connected and the flashing blue light on the Anker goes off but I cannot hear anything in my headphones.

Try rebooting it

How do I reboot?

Is the SoundSync switch set to transmit (outputting) not receive, can sometimes be easy to overlook?

Hey @Jody_Sigmund :christmas_tree:Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:
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Have you checked the audio on your TV Sound settings?
Think your settings will need to reflect this;

Hey Paul,

I can’t believe I just received a message from you on Christmas. That is so cool :sunglasses: - Your thoughts are on point but in this instance, I have checked and confirmed the output is set to optical. Any other suggestions or maybe a tech can get on a call this week. My only other option is to return it.

Thank you,

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Hi @Jody_Sigmund
You’re most welcome and hope you’re having a good Christmas so far?
I’m not familiar with the product you have, but I do have a 7 series Samsung :+1:t2:
I believe tech support are closed over the Christmas period.
To speed things along it might be worth speaking to the people you purchased from and maybe exchange it just to see - that will at least identify if it’s a fault with the Soundsync.
Good luck, let me know how you get on and enjoy the holiday.

I’m having the same issue analog in works fine but I’m getting nothing over optical. I know the port works as I used it with another device. I’m curious to see what Anker says. Nothing over optical I’m set to tx ect

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I’m connecting through the optical as well. I can hear the clicking sounds when I click on each tv menu or function, but I cannot hear any sounds from a video. So I know the sounds got transmitted to my headphone but don’t know why none of the video in any application works (Hulu , YouTube etc )

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I figured out this same issue on my device. I had to change the audio output from my TV to PCM instead of Dolby Digital and it solved my issue immediately. Hope that works for you. Cheers.

I have the Soundsync A3341 and have the same issue: my device (iPhone 11) is connected to the Soundsync, which is connected to my home stereo. When the device pairs, I hear the ping over my speakers. But it will no longer play the music that is streaming on my phone… it just stopped and I cannot get the music to play any longer. I’ve tried rebooting (turning off, switching to TX mode, back to RX mode, restarting) and it immediately connects, but still won’t play the music. What gives?