Bluetooth headphones battery life

So I am curious how long everyone’s Bluetooth headphones last and how long it takes to full charge them. I have tried various headphones and earbuds and so far the longest I have gotten any to last is just over 4 hours. I work overnight and typically listen to music or podcast for the whole 8 hours, but I hate cords so I always have to charge them in my break for at least a half hour.

Curious to see how long the headphones and earbuds Everyone has last. Hopefully someone has also tried various headsets and or use wireless earbuds and headsets

Have/owned several from the Slim through to Life, at the moment I normally get these times;

SoundBuds Slim (used at work) - around 80-90 min recharge time, 5-6hrs playback at full volume
SoundBuds Sport NB10 (gym or running) - around 90-95 min recharge time, just under 6hrs playback at full volume as they were replaced only a few months ago due to a battery fault.
SoundBuds Life (around the house / reading) - 75-80min recharge time, 23hrs playback at 75-100% volume
SoundBuds Sport (gifted as earbuds were not a good fit) - matched manual specs during initial testing during playback at 80-100% volume

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How do they compare in terms of sound quality?:wink:

The non-NB10 Sport I couldn’t honestly say, they were too uncomfortable to use longer than a few minutes. The slim and life versions are comparable on audio quality but the life certainly has the edge for overall lushness in tone and track representation, not to mention volume.

The NB10 sports have more bass and excellent noise isolation, makes them perfect and my go to set for gym use. The design makes them hold perfectly for use during HIIT workouts.

Have a couple reviews on here about each, by all means check them out :smile:

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I play music for maybe a total of 4-6 hours a day if i’m at work.

I have the sport NB10 which takes up 1 hr 30 mins to charge from dead to full. However it can get enough charge in 30 mins for my workday when I play less music and use them for calls instead. I keep them on almost all day when at work, when playing music for hours, I get up to about 5 hours on close to max volume. If I play couple songs ever now and then, I can manage to get it to last through the day.

Also have the Soundbuds lite It seems to be much louder than the sport NB10, also sounds better in my opinion but the bass is weaker though. The battery on the Soundbud lite does last much longer. The lite does last through my workday without having to worry about charging. Seeing that I can use it for two days without charging It is probably getting that 12 hour playback that Anker advertises. Unfortunately I barely use them. Prefer using the sport NB10, as it is much more comfortable to me and never falls out no matter what I’m doing. I really don’t like the around the neck feeling, thats just me. What is has over the NB10 is better button controls. You can’t play a previous song with NB10 and it becomes real irritating after a while.

NB10 - very comfortable to wear, always stays in, about 5-6 hours use with music at max or close to max. my at work headphones
Lite - 12 hours, maybe a little more with music. Fits good in the ear, nothing like the NB10. same 1 hr 30 mins to charge to full from dead, maybe a little longer. No need to worry about charging to full if don’t have much time. The Soundbud Life(haven’t tried) should be a better version.

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Hmm sounds like the lite may be the way to go for me. I use headphones when I work overnight so I need something that will play and last all night for 8 hours.
I’m currently testing out a few different headsets a company on Amazon sent me. While they do sound good, they definitely fall short of their claimed 12 hour music playback

Win a Soundbuds lite this week in Powerdraw!:grin: Good luck my friend!:grinning:

Thanks for your kind input! Your comment are really helpful!:grin:

Sweet, in it to win it

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