Bluetooth dongle for pc

In order to pair my keyboard with my windows pc I require a dongle to plug in. Which one should I buy please?

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I’m in the same situation and was looking at this one below. I prefer a PCI-E interface for better performance and this one has wifi to boot, which my PC actually lacks as well.

I just used a name brand one I picked up a big box electronics store. I’ve had it for years. The case broke but it still works. I couldn’t even tell who made it. Its just an old USB 2.0 unit. It works great for wireless keyboards/mice and it even works well for data tethering.

If its just keyboard and mouse for internet browsing and basic office type work you don’t need much. If you are doing graphic design work and audio/visual or gaming I would get a high performance one.

What keyboard are you using? Did it not come with the dongle?