Bluetooth Connection Problems

Hi there, I have paired my Roav VIVA with a Samsung S10+ and it works fine in car. Alexa talks with me but I need to switch the car radio to “media”.

If I switch it to something else like “radio” VIVA loses the conneciton and Alexa is unable to communicate with me anymore.

While I believe this is the best solution for having Alexa in car this is sometimes a bit messy.

I have tried all settings to see if there can be a constant bluetooth connection but it is not. Is anybody having an idea how to solve this?

Best regards from Germany.


Sorry for any trouble and inconvenience this has caused. Please try below steps to see if it make any difference.

  1. Your VIVA app has been upgraded to the latest.
  2. You don’t press Disconnect in Roav VIVA App before getting out of your car
  3. VIVA app is always running on the background
  4. The Bluetooth on your phone is turned on.
  5. Please disable the battery saver.

If the issue still remains, please contact for more assistance.