Bluetooth Connection Issues

Hey guys. I own a small Trucking company and bought these as gifts for my new drivers along with myself. We are all having issues losing Bluetooth calls and callers saying they cannot hear us 20-30 seconds into every call, stationary or while walking or moving same result for all 5 devices. If you guys have any suggestions or experiences with this issue your input is greatly appreciated. Thank You.

Ummm what device are you talking about?

Please provide details on the headset model and the smartphone used to better understand the issue.

My apologies guys…Kinda new at this. I have the Life NC Neckband set and they are all being paired with an iPhone Xs Max.

Please try to delete the BT profile on the iPhone for Life NC and repair to check if this improves.

Also contact Soundcore Customer Support at and provide details on this issue for resolution steps. Keep your purchase receipt handy.

I will give that a try. Thanks for the fast response.

Well, if the issue happens with all 5 iphones I’m pretty sure that repairing the devices is not going to solve the issue. Let’s see.

Yeah, so mentioned to contact support, well if it’s within warranty period, may be eligible for warranty replacement / repair, as decided by Anker

Thanks for the guidance. Did delete and re-pair and same issue. Line NC Neckbands are brand new. 2 days old and are all doing the same thing while on a call. Going to contact support tomorrow during business hours and see what can be done. Thanks for the input .

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