Bluetooth an WiFi

Hello friends, do you think that bluetooth transmission can disturb WiFi?
Vice or Versa?

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Parting from the principle that both are radio waves, I believe it’s possible, though I believe differences in frequency and information packaging minimize it - otherwise we would be living in an interference hell.

Ultimately, every radio frequency has the potential to interfere with another. We all heard stories about how microwave ovens can interfere with WiFi.

Absolutely it can and does interfere…but it all depends on what product we are talking about. Early on when wireless earbuds first came out…they were originally out 7 or 8 years ago, they were bluetooth and the signal often caused issues with wifi or vice versa. Fast forward to today you still have the same issue with half baked phone updates that often screw one thing up in favor of another. Often forcing patches or further updates to fix

Yes, my Kindle Fire tablet’s WiFi speed slows down tremendously if it is paired to Bluetooth headphones.

And what I found out too:
My DAB+ Radio often is disturbed by WIFI.
I don’t know how to eliminate this interference.
Laptop (WIFI) and DAB+receiver are located the same room (1 m distance)
I tried different kind of antenna, no improvement at all.

If your router is capable, try switching to the 5Ghz band you can eliminate this interference between the two

The router is capable, my old Laptop ( chip ) cant! :frowning:

Duh. Hell yes

I had a time period where I had to turn of Bluetooth from my OnePlus X because otherwise I would just have a speed of 50 Kbits. It was annoying but it took not so long until I got an update for it.

What’s the model on your laptop? so I can suggest some newer wifi chips. Or you can get a dual band USB stick some companies offer very small USB sticks that barley stick out of the port.

I run an old LENOVO T410S.
My router would be able to change to the 5 GHz.
Yes indeed, If I would run Wifi under a stick in that range it could be better.
BUT who ever knows this stick will work under LINUX :wink:

I think all the sticks for the raspberry pies should work.

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Yes you are right!.
This is an idea! Thank you for the hint!