Bluetooth 5.0 headphones

Apart from Zolo earbuds and a few others like airpod and google pixel buds, I wonder why we didn’t see an adoption of Bluetooth 5.0. I wish that Anker will be the leader in this area. I look forward for better battery life and longer range.

Licensing costs, ratification time vs product concept/prototype/production, amount of Bluetooth 5 handsets/devices on the market at present to fully utilise the BT5 standard…all could be good possibilities…mainly in the past I think it has been down to wanting widely compatible product ranges…

Perhaps @AnkerOfficial or @AnkerTechnical can shed some light?

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You can have bluetooth headphones and earbuds that are 5.0, but when very few phone manufactuerers are implemented ting it into their phones why spend the money on licensing and tech if it’s gonna be a few years away before it becomes a set standard among all devices?
The way I see it it’s actually a smart move to wait, because right now 5.0 headphones cost an arm and a leg, but once more manufactuerers implement it the cost of them will be cheaper

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I have to agree with @elmo41683 and @ndalby there isn’t a large enough of market right now to start producing products with 5.0. By using a lower version Anker can save a few dollars on products costs and sell their product at lower cost.

Once 5.0 products become more popular @AnkerOfficial will update their products. They are always updating their products with new tech.


I was also looking for a pair of 5.0 wireless earbuds. I was hoping to get them from anker as well as they always have good build quality… But alas, I may have to go elsewhere to try them out.

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