Blue light won't stop fashing

I pushed the Bluetooth button accidental and now the blue light won’t stop flashing. I read all the post and did all the things it say but it won’t stop. Pushing the bluetooth button for 5 seconds doesn’t do anything. Pushing the play.pause button for 2 or more seconds does nothing. Turning it off and on doesn’t.

I was working perfectly until I pushed it.

What can I do/

Your going to have to give us more than just the blue light is flashing. What device is this, is it headphones or speaker and what model?

Hi @carin.perkins I guess you talking about a SoundCore speaker? Can you provide more information such as the speaker (or earbuds) model and what device you are normally paired to? Your issue might be as simple as going into the Bluetooth menu of your device and just re-connecting…

If we don’t know what device you are talking about we can unfortunately give no hints! :confused:

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It’s a Anker Soundcore 2 speaker. I bought it a couple years ago and it worked great till I push the bluetooth button. When I try to connect to my phone again it says I have to turn it on, which unfortunately it’s on and blinking.

Pushing the bluetooth button or the play/pause button does nothing.

I’ve got the same problem with my Soundcore. I think I accidentally pushed the bluetooth button and now the Soundcore is not visible to any devices so I can’t pair it. Is there a way to do a hard reset on the soundcore or somehow stop the light from flashing?

Hi, not sure if you’ll see this new post as it’s an old thread - but I have same problem - My anker sound core working well on bluetooth, then I connected to speaker with my laptop - I unplug and now none of the buttons seem to work - just blue flashing light on front. I’ve tried unpairing my phone and re-pairing but nothing happens - my phone will say connected but no sound. This speaker is 4 months old - it was a christmas present and came from Amazon. What should I do? Thanks alysia

Hi @alysiahallam75 when you say it pairs back to your phone with no sound, have you tried to adjust the volume level both on your phone and using the volume buttons on the speaking itself?

The same thing is occurring with my SoundCore. I tried repairing it with my iPhone and it doesn’t show up as a device.

Same thing started happening today with my SoundCore Life 2.

Regardless of being in pairing more or not, the blue LED it’s just blinking non-stop as soon as I turn it on.
It does not pair with any device. I have tried turning off the bluetooth on the target devices as well.

Hi I am having this same issue with my soundcore. Flashing blue light that doesn’t pair. It also doesn’t make the full sound that it usually does when it’s ready to play. My iPhone sees it in the settings but won’t pair with it. I have tried the following:

Forget the speaker on your device’s Bluetooth menu
Press & hold the BT pairing button on your speaker for 5 seconds
Try to pair from your devices Bluetooth menu again

I have also tried a force reset of all pairing records on the speaker by pressing & holding the BT pairing button for 2 sec while the speaker is in standby mode.

I have held the power button down for at least 20 seconds to reset as well.

Then try the pairing steps above again and nothing works.

Is my speaker just done?