Blue Light Anker Powerwave 7.5 Pad

Hello, I just bought an Anker Powerwave 7.5 Pad on Amazon and when I put my Airpods case on the support the blue led is flashing and after remove and put my airpods several times the blue led stays on and no flashing… Is it my fault ? Can you help me please ? And sorry for my very bad English…

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So the AirPods aren’t charging when they’re on the pad?

By the way, your English is great!

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The device that needs to be charged has to be placed centrally (center of the pad) on the PowerWave Pad for it to transfer the Wireless Charging, but this comes with trial and error, flashing is to indicate, the device is not charging / pad is not transferring the power.

When you place it centrally, it starts charging, and the light flashing goes away, stays solid blue.

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I don’t know if they are charging because the blue led is flashing…After remove them and put them again in different place on the support the blued led isn’t flashing anymore so I’m confused… when the blue led is flashing it means my airpods are charging or not ?

And thank you, I’m happy you can understand me :grin:

Okay okay so when the blue led is flashing it means “Hey bro your airpods are not in the good place, please move them” ?

Flashing means it is not charging. When the Airpods are placed at the center of PowerWave Pad, its charging now with Solid Blue Light

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yup, you got it! :thumbsup:

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A quick look at the manual told me that the flashing blue light means that metal is detected.

So your AirPods have some sort of metal on them that is keeping them from charging… do you have some metal ear hooks or something on them?

Sadly, @cshenoy isn’t quite right…

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This has happened multiple times when I place my phones for charging, without a case, so telling this out of my experience and I do know that metal attachments for magnetic holders or credit cards holders interfere with charging / seen the flashing lights for those.


There was never a consideration how interference could disturb the charging.
You are right, could be.

But there is a “real Expert” here who is more than an expert and he says NO :grin: We MUST believe him.:rofl:

You have to beleive me! I’m the expert :joy::joy::crazy_face:

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You are even better than an expert.
You are the best here. And there is only one problem Andrew, you dont know this.:stuck_out_tongue:

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Actually I am correct. It’s what the manual says :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yeah it takes a while to get used to “center” the device

For future visitors, I had the same issue, and it does appear linked to an alignment issue. The AirPods case has a very small size, so misalignment is a potential big issue.

When you put the case on a pad, do not center the case on the pad. Rather, it needs to be off-center a little bit. If you look at the back of the case, look where the button is. That should be used as the reference for “center”. Just make sure the button on the case would be at the center of the pad when you put it down, and you should have success.

Anker should release a wireless charging pad specifically aimed at Apple customers with iPhones and airpods that has some sort of markings or outline either printed or molded into the top of the pad that easily allows for perfect alignment.

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Just bought the Anker wireless pad - but it won’t work with my I-phone 5S. Does it only work with more recent iPhone models? Extremely disappointed

Hi TechMan: Hopefully, you can help me. I have a Anker Powerwave charger/7.5 pad. It is not charging my iPhone 8. The blue light is flashing on and off. I understand that this is supposed to indicate that some metal is detected. But there is no metal or case. Just my iPhone. What can I do?

Wireless charging didn’t start for the iPhones until iPhone 8. So it’s not the charger, but your phone that is not capable of doing it.

@chrisjwaggoner Iphone 8 is capable of wireless charging, I had it earlier.

@mswanick59 does your phone have a thick case, does the case have a hidden metal?