Blown anker bluetooth speaker?


i have an anker bluetooth speaker (prod. no. A7908). i got it as a gift and i no longer speak to the person so i have no receipt. the speaker seems to be blown. is there ANYTHING i can do about it? i can’t really afford to just replace it.

When did you purchase it? Also do you know why it got blown? If you have the original boxing and when it was purchased you should contact customer service.

can’t remember. don’t have the box. dont know what blew it. guess i’m screwed

Not necessarily, try contacting customer support. They might be able to help. Anker customer support is fantastic!

You could try contacting Anker support ( with a serial number to see when it was likely made / purchased. As for claiming a warranty fault, you normally need a proof of purchase.

@marlow109 the speaker isn’t blown, mine did the same thing. Come to find out it’s the buttons rattling in the box… I put some tape over them…

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Your only 2 years late posting this :joy:

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Better late than never :sunglasses:

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