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Ankers latest email deals


I may be mistaken, but didn’t this same thing get posted this morning?

You mean the deals posted for the UK and deals for DE where as these are for the US


Oh okay. That’s why I said I may be mistaken :joy:.

Cheers for posting Rob. If any of our American friends get the Icon be sure to let us know what it’s like. :slight_smile:

I wanna get one but my wife already yelled at me for having too many headphones/earbuds and speakers

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Just tell her you found them… At your local store or mailbox…

Thanks for the deals always helpful

Great deals but not what I currently need! With the new iPhone I need some wireless accessories!

Well there is the powerwave stand and liberty neos available

I already have a set of TW buds and a wireless pad! I need a charger for the pad though but micro USB and not USB-C

That price for the Neo buds is an absolute steal. I reviewed them and they are really good. For $50 you literally cannot beat the value.

I agree, I had two co-workers tonight order them

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The other 5-in-1 hub with 4K HDMI output (instead of PD) is also a slick deal right now:

Sale price of $35.99, plus extra 10% off coupon you can clip.
Apply promo code “ANKER8334” to save another $10 to bring the price down to $22.39

verified as of 11:40pm PST on 3/19

That is a great price you got there! Enjoy your new 5-n-1 hub! Too bad these do not output HDMI for iPads Pro 2018, I would have bought it a long time ago!

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Got this yesterday. Wait for a non-sponsored unboxing & review