Was wondering if many of you’s use blogs for posting reviews or even just in general. I know Amazon are sometimes funny about posting reviews on products that you haven’t bought so I was thinking about setting up a Tech Review blog on blogger or somewhere similar.

I would ideally love to build up a foundation where I could use Twitter/instagram/blog to publish my reviews (not just on Anker products). So wanna set up accounts across all these platforms to interlink with each other.

Any advice you could give would be great.


I prefer blogging as I don’t need to worry about Amazon deleting my reviews or suspending my account. It also gives me more freedom, such as adding pictures, videos, linking to other relevant products, doing comparison charts, etc.


What would you say is the most user friendly site/service to use? I’ve started one before on Wordpress but deleted it long after long.

Naming it is another big choice :confused:


How’s about Bloggin’ With Oggy :smile:


Nice topic. Something I’ve thought about too.

1 Like will get your website terminated for posting amazon affiliated links but if you use then you can do whatever you want but costs more and you need to buy a host domain which is a bit complicated and more hassle than You can try Squarespace or Wix? Or maybe even Google Blogger.


I use a self-hosted website and use BeaverBuilder to build the site (I’m also a professional web designer, so take that information however you wish). With the right theme/builder, a website can be as easy as Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace. It’s all in what your needs are.

It would be a good idea to diversify no matter which direction you think you should go. Having a blog, vibrant social presence and even a YouTube channel will make you more attractive to manufacturers and create a revenue stream to support your reviews into the future.


Hahaha nice start @ndalby :joy:

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IRONIC!!! Great minds do think alike :sunglasses::sunglasses: :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
:grin::grin: I want to setup a Tech blog as well

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Yes indeed great minds think a like as I was just talking to my wife about setting up blogs for ourselves. Her with an artist blog and mine with all my reviews and items I test for other companies.

I have to say I’m glad the @k_pug2003 asked this as I have been looking to find a medium to host the blog. Many good suggestions on where to go so I will look into each one and see which will work best for our needs…mostly free haha


That’s similar to what i do

I mostly use self hosted wordpress site. Its my personal site that is mix of photography, technology and reviews for technology, services and hiking trails/national parks.
Thae site reviews are located here

I also review most items I fully purchase over at Amazon and I do that mainly because vendors ask me to review their products on my website.

I prefer doing reviews on my personal site because not only do I get samples of products but I can also get a little extra money from being an Amazon Partner and Google Adsense.


I’ve noticed on blogger that you can get Adsense but I think you have to meet certain criteria.

Did you have to buy a domain? That’s another thing that I’m unsure of - is it required at all?

You only need to buy a domain if you want something like instead of Domains cost about $12 per year.


Do you guys think we should open a new category in the Community especially for reviews?


Yes, I think that is a great idea!


Yes totally should, this way all reviews can be compounded in one location that can be easy for anyone including newcomers to find

Yes! That’s the best idea I’ve heard in a while!

Yeah, we will do that!

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Certainly behind this idea :ok_hand: :smile:

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