BlackBerry Phones are coming back

Glad to hear comeback of BlackBerry…


With so many players in the smartphone market, it’ll be interesting to see how it fairs against them

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I think things have moved on and it might be tricky to make a comeback.
I had the Blackberry Bold, with the qwerty keyboard, and must admit i loved it.
I love a nice positive button to press and the Blackberry ticked that box well and truly.
I tried a full touchscreen version, can’t recall the model, and it was awful.

I hope they produce something great and do well.


While I loved my BB back in the day, and BBM was awesome, RIM blew their chances to stay relevant.
Everyone went full on touch-screeen, and RIM introduced the Storm with SurePress, which you actually had to press the entire screen down.

While iOS and Android were taking off, RIM wanted to play around with a subpar OS, and quickly got left in the dust. BBM is no longer relevant with all the other apps out there, and nobody is going to use the blackberry servers so unless they are going to use an Android OS, I don’t see them making much of a come back.


Was a fantastic product.
Will not be easy to get back into the market today.

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There’s possibly a gap in the market.

Corporate highly locked down secured message. I had a BB about a decade ago, it worked well with a highly locked down email system.

Looking around the business executives, they all seem to have iPhone, so there may be gap for a secure Android version.

But. As others said, it’s crowded market, if anyone wanted to raise new products it would be best in the WFH problem space.


Well done @Erich_Robinowitz1 It was the Storm that i tried which was truly awful. Went HTC instead - needed a daily battery pull.


It was a novel idea, but feel flat in real world. I pulled my battery too. And then I was able to get in on the beta testing of the OS versions and oh my lanta, it was bad lol.

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