Black over HDMI only grey. Picture contrast low because of that

Dear Nebula team,

I purchased the Mars II a few days ago and I noticed the internal Netflix and amazon app don’t support high bitrates and resolutions. So I hooked up my iPhone with the Apple HDMI adapter to the Mars II and realized that the picture looked artificially brightened up. When I saw a part of a movie which was in a 4:3 aspect ratio I finally could tell why the picture looked so washed out. It seems the Mars II cannot show black when using the HDMI input.

green arrow: the darkest black Mars II can physically display. (before automatic keystone correction)
red arrow: this area is supposed to be the same brightness as the outer border (green arrow)

Could you please try out to connect to the HDMI port and just look at any black picture. And you will see what I mean. I really think this is a flaw in the software and you should be able to fix this by a software update with little effort.

hint: I had this kind of problem many years ago on my PC when I connected it to my TV and selected 0-255 instead of 16-235 color space. Maybe that information will help you?

when connecting my iphone through airplay black areas of the picture look really black (like the green arrow area) and when I connect an Amazon Fire TV Stick to the HDMI the black will look grey again so I really think it must be a problem related to the HDMI input.

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Finally proof of time travel. I see the date in your video… can’t fool me😎


@DaterTheAndroid Please be assured we take this case seriously and I have forwarded it to our software team for further help. After they checked, it seems it is the video resource which was in a 4:3 aspect ratio leads to this problem. Please note our Mars 2 aspect Ratio is 16: 9.

In this situation, please try to adjust the video aspect ratio on your device or play a video that in 16:9 to see if this issue persists.

Please contact us if you need further assistance.