Black out during dark scenes

Thrilled with the capsule so far. However, when playing back from a USB the screen can go blank/black (sound continues) for a second or two. This can happen repeatedly through out a movie. I have tried different USB’s and checked the movie on my lap top. It does seem to occur mostly when the scene in the movie is dark but no detail is displayed at all.
I have played around with the all the settings and the room is completely dark with a white wall so should be no issues there.
Anyone else had similar.?

Possible codec issue? Have you tried more than one movie via USB and does it happen if you connect via HDMI for the movie?

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Thank you. Yes, I’ve tried various movies via USB. Re HDMI does that mean to connect the Nebula to my lap top and play via my lap top ? I will try that but really not the way i want to use the Nebula as the portability is what is important to me. I’m wondering if the USB connector may be faulty as I have used the same USB on my lap top and the movie worked well. Do you know how I can get a replacement please - I have had the Nebula for about a month.

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I would contact support and give them your troubleshooting steps. Make sure to give them your purchase date, and serial number. They will work with you to get this issue sorted out.

Yes, to rule out if the playback issue is due to a codec on your video files that the Capsule does not support (you could try VLC if not already using). As your files play fine on your laptop, you already have the correct codec for playback.

I am still having issues with my Nebula and am keen to know if anyone has the same issue.

Anker won’t look at it and the company I bought it from want me to send it to them and turn around will be over a month. If my issue is standard then there is no point in me sending it.

So just to re-iterate, when there is night scene in a movie the lamp goes out and the screen goes completely dark until there is some light in the movie again- it’s the lamp going out that I can’t figure. It just seems to not handle dark scenes at all.

Can anyone shed any light on this please (pun intended!). Thank you.

I love everything else about it and use it constantly but it’s irritating to keep losing the picture.

Found this review which also mentions the dark scenes projection. Anyone else?