Black Friday - Other Stores

Are there any Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals that you guys are looking forward to?

I don’t know about you - nothing sticks out in my mind. TV’s look to be pretty reasonable this year.

Also, where are you gonna shop?

Fry’s if I can convince my wife to come :smiley: never know what you’ll find
Lowe’s - maybe some more Christmas Lights. First year being married and owning my own home!!! WOOT
Anker - I really want a PowerPort Strip… Kinda hoping those will go on sale.
Amazon - i’ve been watching their deals all week but pretty disappointed so far. Maybe they’ll come thru soon and some fun gadgets. There’s nothing specific I need.

I could make some complaint about sitting in line with my wife’s family at some clothing store, but I love her and I’m sure it’ll be a fun adventure (last year she pierced her cousin’s nose… in line). And i’ve got my portable charges to do online shopping at the same time :smiley:

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I managed to snag two of Lenovo’s top doorbusters, the Flex 4 14 inch with i7, 256GB SSD, 16GB RAM, full HD touchscreen for only 522 dollars each! List was 950 bucks! That stuff sold out super fast.

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You sir, are living the american dream! Good luck this year!