Black Friday Deals?

Hi guys, When Is cyber monday and black friday 2019? Does anyone know exectly time?
for US amazon

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Black Friday is always the day after thanksgiving (US) which is always the 3rd Thursday Of November.

So Black Friday is November 22nd this year.

Cyber Monday is the Monday following Black Friday, so this year it falls on November 25th


Deals on Amazon slowly starting getting better each on Amazon and then the best prices start Thanks day at Midnight with Friday and Saturday with the best deals. I got a couple flash sales on some products with over 50% of the regular price (not the listed price)


Google seems to think it’s the 29th in the UK and USA.

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There are some good deals on big stores like Target and best buy. Maybe not that many Anker products yet but eventually they’ll show up

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yeah I found almost same 30 nov.

the day after thanksgiving, 30 NOVEMBER


Thanksgiving in the US is November 28, 2019

Hey @Alleykat7 Welcome to the community, I hope you enjoy your time here, there’s a great bunch who frequent these threads.
Thanksgiving being 28th would make Black Friday the 29th as I found on Google?

Amazon’s is going to start their Black Friday deals on the 22nd until 29th. I’m snagging a Kindle Fire 10 HD when it starts. Of course they are currently running their holideals right now.

does amazon make good deals on apple products?

Hey @Tengiz
Unfortunately I don’t think anywhere does great deals on Apple products. :weary:

Considering one of these for the boy as his “kids” tablet is a bit restricted.
Think these are quite robust, not sure if they are 6yr old robust though! :joy:

Saw the eufy deals for for Robovac 30… should start seeing for other sister brands as well

Excited to see Anker’s deals