Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2017 - Buying Plans / Predictions

Hi all,

Just wondering what you folks are up to for black Friday and cyber Monday.

First of all, what’s ANKER got in store for us? I’m really hoping for floorbusting prices on a powercore speed 10,000:

and a fusion 5000:

Those would fit nicely in my gear set. My kids also need their own alexas (I’m tired of listening to “Danger Zone,” “Bad,” “My House,” and “The Final Countdown” on repeat in my living room), So I’m probably going to snag one or two of those Eufys:

I could also use an official anker case or two for my stuff :slight_smile:

Secondly, what do you (community members) have your eyes on around the web? I’m in the market for a chromebook, and though @TechnicallyWell makes a good argument for the Acer R13 (I’m using one at work right now - it’s a great machine worthy of the recommendation) I think I might have to go for a Asus flip because of the backlit keyboard and slightly slimmer profile:

Finally, here are my ANKER stocking stuffers that will probably have great deals. Buy these for your friends/family and they’ll love you:

Best small battery ever:

Best Bluetooth speaker value (likely to have a discount for black friday too i think):

Also, that buy 1 get 1 powerline is a good idea if you have apple friends and family - everyone likes a cable in their stocking.

So what’s on your list?


Oh, I forgot to mention that the bestbuy deal on the 4gb samsung 11 is pretty good at $119 if you’re looking for a basic chromebook for a kid or light using adult:

I’m working both days at both jobs, no time to spend money only make it

I hope there will be some awesome anker deals on black friday and cyber monday


Hopefully insane Anker deals.

Hopefully this will go on sale

Hi @ryandhazen, to help cut down on possible duplicate threads I hope you don’t mind me updating your topic title to reflect this year’s Black Friday madness. Seems pointless resurrecting a 12 month old previous thread :smile:


I am waiting for the Powerline+ II cables. I want to replace all my cables. Sick of all the twisted and tangled cables.

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Thanks! Apparently I duplicated a thread title? I was trying to be the first out of the gate on the Black Friday forum topic…I’m getting close to level 7 :grin:

I think he’s referring to the black friday post from last year

Find a way to make this relevant to work :wink: That’s what I do.

Not really a duplicate (there was last years but it seemed crazy to continue it). There was a duplicate of yours today by another member and to cut down future ones I added 2017, so it’s easier for me, @TechnicallyWell or @AnkerOfficial to highlight to other members and/or merge to this.

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Can’t forget USB-c power either:

We haven’t really seen discounts on these new usb-c products yet. I could definitely get down on these now that I have several usb-c charging devices in my life now.

Will the 26800 be on sale?


Anyone know if the anker products are gonna be in the black friday? I was looking for the PowerCore+ 26800 PD with USB type C and maybe a small one for my girfrield to gift.

Anyone has any intel about future ofers?

They posted some pre Black Friday deals in a thread, hope we have even better deals on Black Friday. I really love Anker products

I don’t have any inside info, but I think we’ll probably see something with USB-C. Anker brought a few USB-C products to market this year, and I think we’ll probably see some one sale. What the discount is and which products specifically, though, I don’t know.

@joshuad11 pointed out this teaser, though:

-PowerLine+ II Lightning Cable
-PowerCore 5000
-SoundCore 2
-PowerCore Speed 20000
-PowerPort Speed 1 PD
-PowerPort Speed 2
-PowerCore+ 10000
-PowerDrive Lightning
-SoundBuds Flow/Slim/Slim+ (?)

This is probably a fairly good predictor…


ME too! I carry several Anker products every day!

Wish I had one them girlfriends :pensive: